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    Vuvy (Mynet Games), Turkiye’s most significant and fastest-growing game company, was expanding rapidly and wanted to leverage advanced analytics and integrate and automate software replenishment and deployment procurement. Vuvy partnered with Onkatec, an end-to-end DevOps and Cloud team built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize infrastructure management and enhance revenue. 

    Onkatec’s infrastructure plan helped Vuvy accurately forecast traffic, generate recommendations, and reduce reliance on manual planning. With the scalability and flexibility of AWS, Onkatec’s autonomous DevOps processes and analyzes massive amounts of data, helping Vuvy with huge traffic. Vuvy has also improved database availability so it can focus on high-converting stores.

    Vuvy Plans Migration to AWS for Availability and Performance

    Turkey-based company Vuvy experienced a surge in demand for its services during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as online gaming gained widespread popularity. Specializing in automated and AI-powered products like word games and table games for Android, iOS applications, and online web platforms, Vuvy recognized the need to replace its existing hosting service with a more scalable and resilient solution.

    In pursuit of improved scalability, Vuvy initiated the migration of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This process involved extensive testing to minimize any potential disruptions to customer services. Collaborating with AWS Partner Onkatec, experts in migration, DevOps, and digital customer experience consulting, Vuvy successfully accelerated the migration process. Eren Göç, Chief of Technology at Vuvy, acknowledges the role of Onkatec, stating, “Thanks to Onkatec, we were able to increase the speed and kickstart the migration process. This was helpful.”

    Having completed the migration to AWS, Vuvy can now swiftly introduce new features while ensuring high availability. With the assurance of a reliable and scalable infrastructure, the company is poised to expand its utilization of machine learning for enhanced customer experiences. Currently boasting over 5 million unique players worldwide, Vuvy is well-positioned for continued growth.

    Çanak Okey’s: A Successful AWS Migration Journey

    In a 15-year journey, the game “Çanak Okey” underwent a transformative evolution, migrating to AWS. Despite challenges with physical servers, efforts to modernize code and integrate Docker led to a functional service architecture in just 30 days. Post-testing, optimization, and bug resolution, the project was ready in 45 days. Live user testing faced setbacks, prompting a rollback and a meticulous reassessment.

    Mobile platform inclusion triggered an internal stress test setup. Utilizing Unity and AWS, a “Canak Army” of 3000 simulated users stress-tested the system successfully. Services were organized to prevent web service congestion, safeguarding the Game Server. After addressing issues, a relaunch occurred, with users experiencing seamless continuity despite web service challenges.

    Despite challenges, the AWS transition brought a 60x performance improvement in Aurora DB. Project optimization, cost management, and a refined game marked success. This 45-day journey exemplified teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability, fortifying future projects.

    New System Built on AWS Accelerates Deployment and Streamlines Communication 

    Onkatec reconstructed Vuvy’s games and web portal, creating a new API-based system on AWS. Existing databases were seamlessly moved to Amazon Aurora through AWS DMS, improving efficiency by a factor of ten. Employing Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery, along with Terraform for AWS Infrastructure as Code, the overhaul expedited update deployment and resource provisioning, enabling multiple staging deployments daily.

    Enhanced Reliability Boosts Confidence in Testing New Features

    Since migrating to AWS, Vuvy has eliminated its previous infrastructure concerns. It can now focus on improving its existing infrastructure and delivering value faster and has gained the confidence to expand its use of services such as machine learning. Eren Göç says that having a reliable cloud foundation has also allowed Vuvy to make greater use of IaC and dynamic testing environments on Kubernetes. “We can now set up dynamic environments in minutes and bring changes to market fast,” he says. “We are happy with how it turned out. It just works.”

    Ömer Öner
    Founder & AWS Certified Solution Architect

    As Onkatec founder and AWS Certified Solution Architect, my professional focus revolves around the core tenets of DevOps philosophy. I prioritize the seamless integration of development and operations, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and speed in project delivery. Embracing an Agile mindset is paramount in my approach, emphasizing the agility needed to adapt swiftly to change and innovate solutions. Committed to leading technological transformations, I navigate future challenges with a keen eye on fostering innovation through an agile framework.

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