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Maltepe Ofispark, Altayçeşme Mahallesi Çamlı Sokak No:21 Esas, Kat:6, 34843 İstanbul

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    Midas is one of Turkiye’s leading online stock market companies, with applications in Turkiye and a strong network of sales and service companies. With an outstanding stock market and valuable exchange services, Midas meets the needs of consumers for Turkish customers.

    Business Challenge About Midas

    The goal was to transition Midas’s stock market application from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, ensuring enhanced accessibility for users to real-time stock and market information through Midas’s application.

    While migrating the stock market application to the cloud, the focus was on developing a scalable and high-performance architecture that could handle simultaneous user queries efficiently. The challenge lay in optimizing the application programming interface (API) and database system to deliver quick and accurate stock and market-related data results, accommodating diverse user preferences.

    The successful migration to the cloud marked a significant milestone, providing users with a seamless experience for conducting online stock market transactions and accessing up-to-date financial information via Midas’s application.

    Tech-Savvy Investors: Balancing Modern Banking & Stock Market Apps

    In today’s constantly connected digital landscape, consumers in the financial realm desire modern stock market options that offer trust and reliability. They expect real-time visibility into transactions and seamless, mobile access to personalized services around the clock. Traditional banks, constrained by physical limitations such as retail store hours and on-premises core banking systems, often need help to keep up with these evolving demands. 

    On the flip side, FinTech startups, like ours in the stock market app sector, excel in providing cloud-native and mobile-first innovations. However, these startups may need more extensive expertise in financial services and the intricate regulatory and compliance landscape. This leaves tech-savvy consumers caught between two less-than-optimal choices, including those engaged in American and Turkish stock markets through our mobile application.

    AWS Services Used as Part of the Solution

    Midas project, initially an on-premise application running on our local machines, underwent a seamless migration to the AWS cloud. We leveraged AWS Direct Connect, a pivotal technology in the AWS ecosystem, to facilitate this transition. The architectural transformation began with migrating the existing Kubernetes infrastructure from on-premise to AWS EKS, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our container orchestration. 

    Midas has seamlessly transitioned to leveraging Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) for cloud-native Kubernetes and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) for cloud-native Kafka. Tugrul Yilmazer, emphasizing the importance of operating as an agile organization within the stock market sector, expressed his vision for engineers to concentrate solely on addressing business challenges and enhancing the customer experience. Collaborating with AWS to establish the stock market’s foundational infrastructure has achieved this goal and set the stage for further enhancement by incorporating additional native AWS services.

    We adhered to AWS’s best practices throughout the architectural setup, drawing insights from the Well-Architected Framework. Critical services such as VPC, API Gateway, and Application Load Balancer shaped the new environment.

    The next phase involved migrating machines to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances. S3 buckets proved invaluable for backups and file storage needs. Transitioning to AWS’s Aurora services and utilizing Elasticache with Redis resulted in a notable increase in response times, enabling users to receive prompt feedback. This comprehensive AWS solution, encompassing services like AWS Direct Connect, EKS, S3, Aurora, and Elasticache, has not only streamlined our operations but also elevated our system’s overall performance.

    Our Dream has now Risen to the AWS Cloud.

    Midas is set for continued business growth on the cloud after a successful migration. The company is dedicated to improving its infrastructure and increasing services to enhance artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

    The IT team at Midas takes pride in the widespread advantages derived from the cloud throughout the organization. Tugrul Yilmazer affirms, “As we conclude the initial phase of our cloud journey, establishing a robust foundation that seamlessly aligns with the business’s long-term objectives, our dream has now risen to the AWS Cloud.”

    Ömer Öner
    Founder & AWS Certified Solution Architect

    As Onkatec founder and AWS Certified Solution Architect, my professional focus revolves around the core tenets of DevOps philosophy. I prioritize the seamless integration of development and operations, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and speed in project delivery. Embracing an Agile mindset is paramount in my approach, emphasizing the agility needed to adapt swiftly to change and innovate solutions. Committed to leading technological transformations, I navigate future challenges with a keen eye on fostering innovation through an agile framework.

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